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(2021) - 368 min - TV-MA

Kidnapped man will be killed after 5,000,000 views online

Zoe Kazan, Adrian Grenier, Betty Gabriel, Phoenix Rael, Becca Lish
Crime/Mystery, Drama, Mystery, Suspense/Thriller

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Chief Chick Comments

8 episode Netflix thriller. Nick is kidnapped and shown online holding signs saying he will be killed when 5,000,000 people view the site. His sister Pia swings into action but there are a lot of troubling details. What is true and what is not? This show is edgy and certainly demonstrates the bad side of the internet and how lives can be ruined and perhaps taken online. I made the mistake of going to sleep shortly after episode 2...and had nightmares! Eventually finished. Well told, but a bit scary!

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