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Cheap Detective, The

(1978) - 92 min - PG13

Peter Falk stars as a Detective, Lou Peckinpaugh, in San Francisco who is suspected of killing his partner because he was having an affair with his wife.

Peter Falk, Marcia Mason, Madeleine Kahn, Abe Vigoda, Ann-Margret, Sid Caesar, Eileen Brennan, stockard channing, Dom DeLuise, Louise Fletcher, John Houseman, Fernando Lamas, Phil Silvers,
Comedy, Crime/Mystery, Mystery

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Chief Chick Comments

I had high expectations because of the extraordinary cast...However, this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Written by Neil Simon, there is a lame attempt to satarize other movies like Casablanca. It is just not funny! Don't bother.

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