All That Heaven Allows Just Girls

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All That Heaven Allows

(1955) - 99 min - NR

Widow with grown children meets and fall for the man who runs her gardening company
Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson, Agnes Moorehead
Classic, Drama, Romance

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This classic stars Jane Wyman(Ronald Reagan's first wife) and Rock Hudson who in real life are 8 years apart with Wyman 38 when this was filmed. Cary has two children just finishing school and her husband has died a few years earlier. She lives in a conservative upper class New England town. Agnes Moorehead(Samantha's mother on Bewitched) plays Cary's best friend. Cary notices Ron (Rock Hudson) working in her yard one fall day and ends up inviting him for coffee. She notices he is a real hunk but realizes she is older. We later find out he notices too and later invites her to his tree farm which will be his main activity going forward. They fall in love, but Cary's children are horrified as are her neighbors and Country Club friends. She breaks off their engagement, but then realizes she was wrong. Can she fix it? Watch this classic and find out! For the time, the script and story are interesting if a bit melodramatic. It is a well known movie from the 50's and worth a watch.

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Mary A September 11, 2015

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