Age of Adaline, The Just Girls

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Age of Adaline, The

(2015) - 110 min - PG13

In 1935, 28 year old Adaline almost drowns in a car accident and from that day forward she never ages.
Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Harrison Ford, Ellen Burstyn
Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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Chief Chick Comments

Another close call on taking a date. Some men will enjoy The Age of Adaline but the romance and story are true Chick Flick material. I liked it…and I cried a bit. The story is a fantasy yet interesting. If you put yourself in Adaline's shoes, you will become sad and nostalgic. I think Blake Lively does a lovely job starring in this movie. The ending may be a bit contrived, but, after all, it is a fantasy. I have not seen a movie starring Michiel Huisman before and he is very nice to look at. Harrison Ford is good as well as is the actor chosen to play Ford as a young man. Some thoughts about the hairstyles and fashion: In the present Adaline(Jenny) wears her hair circa the 1940's, but in the flashback to the 1960's she is wearing her hair like the 1960's. Why not an updated do in the present ie 2015? Also, in the present time, she is wearing vintage clothing which is quite attractive. Can't she afford new clothes? Probably she can as we see her buying Xerox stock in the 1950's when the company changed its name to Xerox. Unless she held too long, she should have made some money! Well, if you figure this out, let me know! One last thought: The idea that in 2015 a woman can continue to hide her identity in our internet connected world seems impossible. Just suspend reality!

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Mary A September 11, 2015
John A January 18, 2017

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