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About Time

(2013.00) - 123 min - R

Tim turns 21 and his Dad tells him that the men in the family can travel in time. Should he go for money, fame, or a girlfriend?
Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, Lindsay Duncan, Lydia Wilson, Tom Hollander
Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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  • Beautiful homes/decor
  • Interesting architecture
  • Lovely scenery
  • Great music
  • Eye candy
  • Cute kids
  • Cute animals
  • Explicit sex
  • Nudity
  • Obscenities
  • Icky stuff
  • Death of a child
  • Violent
  • Just too long

Chief Chick Comments

Domhnall Gleeson plays Tim to Rachel McAdams' Mary. Tim's father is played by Bill Nighy who tells Tim on his 21st birthday that the men in the family can go backwards in time and "redo" a moment. While Tim does not believe him, he gives it a try and redoes midnight on New Year's Eve. This Fantasy is interesting and touching. As a kind man, Tim, usually is focused on travelling back to help him capture Mary's heart, or save his sister from unhappiness. As the story progresses, we learn that some things are not possible. All in all, the lessons learned by Tim are valuable and not bad for us as well. Not sure why this is rated R. Perhaps suggestions of sex and one or two profanities.

Flock Comments

Saphire S. April 1, 2015

I agree with Teana Yap.
The movie just shows us once again how important it is to cherish every moment of our lifes and to focus on the good people that surround us.

Teana Yap March 2, 2014

Very heart warming and touching. The story is about Family, Life, Not mainly focused on the "Love story".

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