Why Chick Flicks?

July 19, 2015


Recently, one of our members asked "Is using the term chick flick misogynistic?  I was recently told the term is anti woman?
Well,  you ask a good question.  We use the term chick flicks to mean movies women will enjoy.  If you have had a chance to look around the site, you will see, thriller, dramas, foreign films, mysteries, comedies and yes a few mushy romances. In fact, we have many men members who tell me they like many of the movies we review.  Usually we review most new movies with the exception of movies aimed squarely at teenage boys.  Over 85% of our movie reviews are rated as "take a date" which means to our lady readers "If you have a man in your life, he should like this almost as much as you will…sometimes more"

I guess if a man called me a chick I might possibly be offended.  I know when I was young, I hated being called "girl". Now that I am of certain age, I love being called a girl by my friends.

The reason we bought the site ChicksFlicks.com was because it instantly told viewers that our focus was on women (no-- not any porno!!!).  All the reviews in the world and work thereon is useless if no one reads it.  Thanks for asking!

The Chief Chick

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